Consumer Rights Protection Center

The Consumer Rights Protection Center is dedicated to helping consumers successfully resolve their claims with vehicle manufacturers via diligent, skilled, and cost-free legal representation. Luis F. Ramirez is the founder of Consumer Rights Protection Center and the Firm’s Arizona and California attorney. Craig W. Drummond assists Nevada consumers in resolving their claims. Craig is an experienced Trial Attorney who has tried over 25 jury trials and over 60 bench trials. Craig received his undergraduate and law degrees from Drake University. After law school, he served on active duty as a Captain and Lawyer in the U.S. Army JAG Corps. Craig represented the United States as a Federal Military Prosecutor and was later selected as a Trial Defense Counsel defending service members charged with crimes.
Craig is a decorated veteran for service in Iraq and, after being Honorably discharged from the Army, he worked as Trial Attorney with a local Las Vegas law firm where he gained extensive experience in personal injury and civil litigation cases, including numerous mediations, arbitrations, settlement conferences, short-trials, and District Court jury trials.
Craig is admitted to practice in Nevada (State and Federal Courts), Missouri, Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals, United States Supreme Court, U.S. Military Courts, Article 27(b), UCMJ, and U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs, Accredited Counsel.

Mr. Ramirez has successfully resolved hundreds of claims with motor vehicle manufacturers and dealerships. Mr. Ramirez is an experienced litigator who has reliably defeated vehicle manufacturers in court; he continues to aggressively pursue such claims when necessary. He also understands that for both consumers and defendants settlement may often be preferable to litigating through trial. By successfully prosecuting claims with integrity and legal skill, Mr. Ramirez has developed diplomatic and respectful adversarial relationships with the representatives of motor vehicles manufacturers and dealerships over the years. Ultimately, these relationships benefit consumers by aiding in the amicable and successful resolution of their legal claims. Mr. Ramirez graduated Magna Cum Laude from the Arizona State University College of Law, where he completed his legal studies in the top 10% of his class.

Unlike many Firms who treat Lemon Law claims and clients as a numbers game, the Consumer Rights Protection Center provides individualized attention to each client and claim. From providing a thorough analysis of your vehicle’s repair history to maintaining constant communication with you concerning any changes in your vehicle’s condition (including the practice of returning calls and email within 24 hours), your claim will be diligently resolved by an experienced attorney who takes the time to listen to your specific concerns in order to maximize your recovery.
With the Consumer Rights Protection Center’s diligent representation, Nevada consumers saddled with troublesome vehicles i.e. “Lemons” are empowered to obtain recovery from manufacturers/warrantors under the Lemon Law and other applicable warranty laws. Such recovery can be obtained out of court with minimal time commitment and without any costs. (See our FAQs page). You deserve the new car you paid for, asserting your rights is within your power!

If you purchased a 2012 or newer model year vehicle and feel that you were saddled with a “Lemon,” and/or did not get the value you deserve, please review our Lemon Law page and submit your car information for a  FREE CASE REVIEW.*

If you have any concerns or questions regarding the Lemon Law claim process and how easy and risk free it will be to you, please contact us for a FREE CASE REVIEW; you may also click here to visit our  FAQs page.

The Consumer Rights Protection Center also represents purchasers of defective RVs/Motor Homes who have had the misfortune of acquiring units that are out of service for an unreasonable amount of time and/or subject to numerous repeat repair visits. If you have a Lemon RV, please review our RV/Motor Home page and submit your information for a  FREE CASE REVIEW.*